CD Review: "Chances"

July 04, 2008

by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Has the banjo playing woman that doesn't play bluegrass replaced the bass playing chick as the new archetype?  We've been getting a fair share of these strumming ladies lately and one thing that's a common thread is these ladies know their ax.  Now, with the banjo being a throwback to the Civil War era…could this be the sly revenge of Yoko Ono being a prophecy that came true?  We'll leave that to the political blogs.  At least until they start reviewing records.  McKenzie impresses.  More of a rock singer/songwriter than a back porch momma with a baby on her hip doing the down home thing, she's got rural roots by way of New York and her songs reflect this well traveled world view.  Coming from the heart at all times, this is the real destination for the pomo ears looking for something to love in a post Alanis world.  Prepare for a delightful surprise that'll take you by surprise.

updated: 12 years ago